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Ghost Train Trailer

Welcome everyone to the site for our film "The Ghost Train", this is a project that has been on going and part of our lives since 2012. It is a tribute to the films of the 1940's with a simple ghost story set in an old station at Christmas with a stellar cast. We have decided after public demand to release the film to watch on line via our website. We are making the small charge towards the up keep and maintenance of our site only. We have also put a couple of interviews with ourselves and the cast below for you to enjoy. So grab a hot chocolate sit by your Christmas tree and enjoy the film......

                                                                                                                                                                                              Matt & Sarah


" All is not what it seems when six strangers find themselves stranded in an old Yorkshire railway station the night before Christmas eve. The past and present collide. No one will be left unchanged."

Bonus Extras
Meet the Cast & Directors


Ghost Train Movie

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